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LG BP430 BP530 BP630 BP240 BP340 BP440 BP540 BP640 Blu-Ray Multiregion Modification

Article No.: LGBRx30

Unleash the full potential of your LG BP-series Blu-Ray disc player with this multi region modification!

Transform your blu-ray disc player into a multi-region machine without sacrificing any of the stability, flexibility or user friendliness that you’ve come to expect of your LG product. This multi-region modification fuses with your player and becomes an integral part of it: you use your original remote to control it just like you're used to! Watch DVD and blu-ray discs from all regions: it's automatic with DVDs, and for blu-rays simply set the desired region before turning on the player.

    Features at a glance:

  • Works with the following models: LG BP430, LG BP530, LG BP630 as well as BP240, BP340, BP440, BP540 and BP640
  • Playback of DVD video discs from regions 1-6 with automatic region change
  • Playback of BD video discs from regions A-C with manual region change. You can change the BD region using the original remote control of your player
  • Compatible with future firmware upgrades
  • Lifetime guarantee: the multi region modification is guaranteed to work for as long as you own the player

The upgrade board is supplied with quality jumper wire and double-sided tape for easy fitting.

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